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Bruthen Eco Green

Businesses in Bruthen Supporting the Eco Green Movement

Bruthen, a small town located in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, is making strides toward sustainability through the efforts of several businesses. These organisations are finding ways to reduce waste, use renewable energy sources, and support local farmers. The following is a list of businesses in Bruthen that are leading the way in the eco green movement.

1. The Bruthen Inn Hotel

The Bruthen Inn Hotel's menu showcases local produce and herbs from its own garden. They compost all food scraps and paper, which helps to create nutrient-rich soil for the garden. The hotel also offers solar-powered accommodation, which makes it an eco-friendly accommodation choice for visitors to the town.

Contact: Phone: 03 5157 5266 Address: 197 Main St, Bruthen VIC 3885

2. Bullant Brewery

Bullant Brewery is a family-owned business that uses solar panels to power its brewing equipment and supporting local farmers. They have their own herbicide-free garden in which they grow ingredients for some of their products. The brewery also recycles its wastewater and uses the by-product as a fertiliser for their garden.

Contact: Phone: 03 5157 6658 Address: 46 Main St, Bruthen VIC 3885

3. Nicol's Paddock

Nicol's Paddock is a small farm that produces free-range chicken eggs, lamb, and beef. They practice regenerative farming that restores the soil health, maintains biodiversity of the ecosystem and reduces the carbon footprint. The farm prioritizes sustainable practices when feeding and housing livestock, including using the ideal blend of natural food and supplement blends.

Contact: Phone: 0417 373 055 Address: 36 Happ Road, Sarsfield VIC 3875

4. The Bruthen Emporium

The Bruthen Emporium stocks local produce, artisan items, and eco-friendly products, including wooden toys, soaps, and kitchen utensils. The store avoids products that contain harmful chemicals and refills shampoo and household cleaning products from local bulk suppliers. The store is plastic-free and instead uses natural and eco-friendly packaging such as paper bags.

Contact: Phone: 0417 373 055 Address: 33 Main St, Bruthen VIC 3885

5. The Bruthen Butcher Shop

The Bruthen Butcher Shop specializes in locally sourced meat that is pasture-raised and free-range. The shop uses 100% compostable packaging for its products, which means that the packaging does not leave behind hazardous waste. The shop avoids plastics products that harm the environment while continuing to support the local farmers and providing the best quality meat in the area.

Contact: Phone: 03 5157 5156 Address: Shop 3/91-93 Main St, Bruthen VIC 3885

6. Tambo Dreaming

Tambo Dreaming is an eco-friendly farmstay that focuses on sustainable practices. The farm uses solar-powered energy to provide electricity to its guests' accommodation, and rainwater is collected to supplement their water supply when there is not enough rain. They also encourage guests to use shared space burning solar floodlights after dark to reduce the energy consumption at night.

Contact: Phone: 03 5157 1422 Address: 50 Murrindal Lane, Bruthen VIC 3885

7. The Bruthen Garage

The Bruthen Garage offers eco-friendly car repairs and maintenance services. They use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies when servicing the vehicles, and all the waste oil, oil filters, and batteries are recycled as necessary. The garage also offers some eco-friendly replacement options, such as recycled tire rubber for anti-vibration mounts.

Contact: Phone: 03 5157 5258 Address: 83 Main St, Bruthen VIC 3885


Bruthen's eco green businesses are leading by example and showing us that being sustainable is achievable. By supporting these businesses, we can have a positive impact on our environment. So, let's come together to support their efforts and make Bruthen an even more sustainable town.

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